Web Application and Web services

Web Application and Web services


Soft copy of content with latest technology platform being used globally 

What you'll learn

The sessions are conducted in the following pattern:
 ILD – Instructor Led Delivery
 Concept Building
 Practical Orientation
 Doubt Solving
 Evaluation & Feedback
 Minor & major Projects
All the sessions involve Motivational / behavioral / positive attitudinal inputs and
examples which are customized as per the group / individual so that major positive
change is evident in the candidates.

Course Duration
130 Hours / student
Material to the students:

Soft copy of content with latest technology platform being used globally .

Modus Operandi

Workshop of 3/4/5 Hour a day to complete 130 hours @ 30 days


Course Content

Angular JS
Introduction To AngularJS
Dissecting an Angular Application

Angular Building Blocks
The MVC Pattern
Setting Up The Environment
Controllers, Scopes, And Views
Modules And Bootstrapping
Controllers and Scopes
Dependency Injection
Introduction To Services
Built-in Services
The $http service
The $resource service
The $q service
Creating Custom Services
The Purpose of Filters
Built-in Filters
Creating Custom Filters
Form Validation
The ngModel and form directives
Built-in Validations

Presenting the Form’s State to the User
Binding to Form and Control State
Presenting Validation Errors
Using CSS Classes
Custom Validation
Custom Form Controls
Introduction To Directives
What are Directives?
The $compile Service
Directive Name Matching
Creating Custom Directives
Restricting Directive Usage
Template-Expanding Directives
Isolated Scope
DOM Interactions
Collaborating With Other Directives
Routing In Single Page Applications
The Pound (#) Sign
HTML5 History API
The $location Service
The ngRoute Module
Route Registration With $routeProvider
The ngView Directive
Parameterized Routes and the $routeParams Service
Resolving Dependencies
Unit Testing In AngularJS
Why Do We Need Unit Tests
Why Unit Testing In AngularJS Is Easy(er)
Using The ngMock Module
CSS Transitions and Animations
The ngAnimate Module
Animations In Built-In Directives
CSS-Defined Animations
JavaScript-Defined Animations
The $animate Service
React JS

Module 1 :- React Introduction
This is a complete hands-on training program with all the new features of recently released
React Version.
Module 2. Explore ES6 & beyond
Learn concepts of modern JS starting with ES6 and go beyond with further versions
Module 3. JSX
Learn how to code UI using declarative syntax JSX
Module 4. Components
Create components, decompose UI into smaller components and compose them to make
larger pages
Module 5. State management
Learn how to manage state in react applications and best practices
Module 6. Code splitting & Lazy loading
Understand the need to code splitting and know how to implement the same
Module 7. Hooks & context
Use the advantages of hooks to power function components with state, life cycle and context
Module 8. Routing
Learn who to implement routing in react application using react-router
Module 9. Isomorphic React
Learn the benefits of universal react and how to implement
Module 10. Unit testing
Learn how to unit test react applications using jest & enzyme
Module 11. Setup up react with webpack
Learn how to build a react development environment from scratch using webpack
Module 12. Debugging
Learn how to debug react applications using chrome and vscode
Module 13. Dev Tooling
Learn how to take advantage of react and redux devtools
Module 14. Bundling
Understand the bundling process and optimizations applied by create-react-app build
Bundling React app using webpack

Node JS
Module 1:-
Introduction - What is Node.js.
The importance of being asynchronous
Node.js Event loop
The Node.js process
Module 2 :- File System
The FS Module.
Reading Directories
Reading Files
Module 3 :- Building servers
Creating servers with HTTP
The Http server class
Parsing requests
HTTP streaming
Module 4 :- Building APIs using modules, events and packages
CommonJS Modules
The global object
Directories as Modules
npm Packages
Managing Dependencies
npm scripts
Module 5 :- Async Patterns
Asynchronous Javascript
Asynchronous Control Flow with Callbacks
The EventEmitter API
Third Party Async packages
Express JS
Module 1 :- REST
Module 2 :- Introduction to ExpressJS
Module 3 :- Routing
Module 4 :- Responding
Module 5 :- Configuration
Module 6 :- Views
Module 7 :- Middlewares
Module 8 :- Receiving Data
Module 9 :- Error Handling
Mongoose ODM
Mongoose Schema
Mongoose Model
Querying with Mongoose
Module 10 :- Authentication With Passport and JWT
Stateful vs. Stateless Authentication
JWT – JSON Web Tokens
Module 11 :- Hosting Standalone Node
Why do we need hosts
Node on Windows
Node as a Windows Service
Module 12 :- Hosting Complex Node Architectures with Docker
What is Docker
Docker CLI
Docker File system & Volumes
Docker Files
Containers Communication
Docker Compose
Module 13 :- Best Practices
Best Practices
Node.js API design
Error Handling

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    Technology Programs
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