Soft skill & Aptitude Training has become an inseparable and closely integrated component for the success of an individual.

What you'll learn

Soft skill & Aptitude Training has become an inseparable and closely integrated component for the success of an individual. In an Endeavour to do so, personality development, aptitude building programs and assessment models have created their niche in the curriculum of each professional course. The training intervention would cater to students pursuing professional courses, helping them glean out their latent abilities essential for entering the corporate world.

In order to exploit the hidden potential of engineering & other graduates, we have meticulously designed the career boost training program where in we zero in on employ-ability skills of graduates at par with industry requirements.    

As the name speaks for itself, Employ-ability skills are the most required skills to get you employable in the market, irrespective of the industry you choose to work for. After polishing such skills, you may qualify for any exams, be it for MNCs, PSUs, Gov. Jobs, etc.  To be abreast with the fast-pacing requirements of the changing industry, you must develop your acumen on LOGICS, APTITUDE, ATTITUDE, PRESENTABILITY, DESIRED TECHNOLOGY, etc.

These are the combination of soft & hard skills, for example you wish you work with TCS, Microsoft, Google or any IT company globally, you must develop/ attain soft and hard skills. Hard skills are technical skills like coding, analytical, architecture, marketing, etc. whereas the soft skills are team player, leadership communications, attitude, behaviour, agility, active listening, emotion handling, etc.


Technical Skills –

Java, Web application development, Python, R-Language, C, Competitive programming, AIML (Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning), Data Analytics, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Data Science, etc. 

Course Content

TPC imparts the following skills under “EMPLOY-ABILITY SKILLS TRAINIG”

  • Soft Skills like communication, attitude, team player, etc.
  • Career Skills like Resume Building, Email writing etiquette, GD, Interviews, etc.
  • Interpersonal Skills & critical thinking
  • Quantitative aptitude building like profit loss discount, percentage, time and work, time speed and distance, average mixture allegations, probability, etc.
  • Logical Reasoning modules like clocks calendar, analytical reasoning, logical deductions, series, coding decoding, blood relations, picture reasoning, etc.
  • Data Interpretation and data sufficiency modules

  • Duration
    2 Months
  • Category
    Employability Skills Training
  • Laguage
  • Certificate
  • Recourse
    5 Downloadable Files

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