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While attaining the education & professional degree courses to achieve our goals in life, we keep striving our best to upskills ourselves for those goals. Students and parents are highly perplexed when it comes to deciding on a career path and keep so many professional skills in mind on the aforesaid subject.

In highly competitive and cutthroat competition in all the areas we choose to work, we forget the most required skills-set for each individual, be it a student, college graduate, working professional, entrepreneurs, business owners, etc.

Believe you me, that is the skills set which keeps us not only competent to deal with daily issues and solve many problems in our day-to-day life but also makes us feel happy and contended with what we have and what we do with that.

Let me take you little deeper!

Imagine a situation of dealing with a fear before you actually face the reality (exam, interview, date, business meetings, etc.)  which academic syllabi teach you or have taught you to deal with such situations?


“Life skills is an amalgamation of various skills that we acquire through the experiential learning (extrinsic or intrinsic) to deal with the real-life problems/ issues/ situations. Once attained, life skills help us reaching the root cause of a problem through critical thinking and emotional handling thereby clear the path to happiness.

The program is on activity-based learning and covers the following-

  1. Wheel of life- how to make it move perfectly without compromising on our core happiness.
  2. Importance of family, society, finances, relations, health, spirituality, etc.
  3. How can we be more responsible to what we do or see in our surrounding?
  4.  Power of Emotions and how to handle them to create a win/ win situation.
  5. How to deal with fear and failures
  6. Critical thinking
  7. Decision making
  8. Problem solving
  9. Goal setting
  10. Creativity
  11. Self-awareness, etc.

Course Content

Think of ….

  • a guilt you have been frightening with for a long time
  • an emotion that you aren’t able to handle or express
  • a misunderstanding with your partner, friend, parents, etc.
  • a failure that you’re unable to forget

examples or situations can be thousands that we all face every day, but the solution lies only in one skill set and that we call “LIFE SKILLS”

  • Duration
    2 Months
  • Category
    Life Skills Training
  • Laguage
  • Certificate
  • Recourse
    5 Downloadable Files

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